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Charity activities in Zurich

On February 4th, MTO® Zurich celebrated two events by continuing their local charity activities. First, a charity was organized to celebrate the birthday of Hazrat Shah Maghsoud Sadegh Angha. Furthermore, we also dedicate the donation to the launch of the website

During the charity event, various clothing items and chocolate were delivered to 50 adolescents from a refugee center. The clothing items were carefully adapted to the age of the young people and personally handed over to them.


18. July 2023

Eco Fair 2023

It has been a great privilege to participate in the Highgate Festival’s Eco Fair in London. The day was spent…

28. April 2023

MTO Zurich delivered groceries to families in need, 20th April 2023

On the occasion of the "Festival of Breaking the Fast" (Eid al-Fitr), which follows immediately after the end of the…

27. March 2023

MTO Zurich supported the Hammermühle transit center, 20th March 2023

In celebration of the Iranian New Year - also known as the International Nowruz Day - students of the MTO…

21. March 2023

Norouz at London Centre 2023

For the occasion of Norouz, M.T.O. Sustainability volunteers handed out cotton totes and local wildflower seeds to MTO attendees. Wildflowers…

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