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Our Future

Earth, Youth and Sustainability

There is no Planet B.

Our Sustainability Goals

The teachings of Sufism provide methods and opportunities for individuals interested in attaining peace and spiritual solace. Sufism teaches how to recognize and maintain the essential law of existence: balance. Balance is an element that encompasses all – each individual as well as the harmony of the wider community.

Some of the ways in which MTO® and its students demonstrate care for the environment include a commitment to reduce the amount of waste generated. In MTO buildings worldwide, particular attention is paid to procuring reusable materials both in building construction as well as in everyday activities. Even seemingly small actions like moderating the use of water and energy aim to ensure the long-term wellbeing of the environment. These practices are a constant reminder that the resources provided to humans on earth must be used wisely. Treating our planet in a responsible way is a way to express gratitude and to create a lasting prosperity for future generations.

Furthermore, MTO has identified four primary sustainability goals, corresponding to key UN Sustainable Development Goals, tailored to reflect the various local contexts that MTO centers operate around the world. Find out more at our MTO Sustainability website:

Let’s get involved

We recognize the urgency of climate change and the level of collaboration needed to bring about lasting change. We regularly partner with local charities, municipalities and community organisations. Each of our centers is actively building community partnerships, if you are interested in doing so please get in touch with us.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

A blueprint for peace!

Reduce environmental impact for peace and prosperity of people and the planet, now and in the future.


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Learning for life through traditions

Our younger members experience a lot of positive things in their private and professional lives through the teachings of our school. It is not so much about the theoretical teachings of Islam, but about their interpretation to the challenges of our time here in Germany. The young people learn concentration, willpower and self-confidence, but also balance and well-being.

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