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The Memorial Building in Novato, California, is a magnificent tribute envisioned by Hazrat Pir to honor his beloved father, Hazrat Shahmaghsoud Sadegh Angha. Remarkably, when the dimensions of this architectural marvel are deciphered through the science of letters and numbers (jafr), his father’s name emerges.

The building took nearly two decades to complete fully and is considered by many to be a gem of Sufi architecture, incorporating many traditional arts and crafts rarely seen in the United States. With its roof structure gracefully ascending to a pointed summit, the Memorial Building symbolizes the harmonious union between the individual and the divine. It serves as a profound testament that God’s presence can be realized within the celestial realms of the heart, representing the elevated purity of the soul.

Meticulous attention to detail is evident throughout the building’s design, embellished with intricately carved and painted stucco adorned with mirror inserts. Mosaic tiles glisten with gold, and the interplay of tiles and mirrors creates captivating patterns. Calligraphy graces the walls, and the smooth black marble floor serves as a timeless foundation, further immortalizing the memory of the revered Master.

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Live Webcast on Saturday, November 16

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