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MTO Zendeh Delan’s “Leyla & Majnun” is selected by Mosaic Film Festival of Arts and Culture

MTO Zendeh Delan® is delighted to announce that “Leyla & Majnun”, a short film produced and premiered last year, was selected by the Mosaic Film Festival of Arts and Culture and will be screened at the festival on 26th March 2023!

The festival is a forum for unique storytelling. A platform for filmmakers worldwide to share their stories, experiences, and cultural identities with the people of Nova Scotia, Canada, through the art of film.

Majnun’s quest for Leyla is not a tale of earthly love, but a Sufi allegory for the purest form of love. This short film explores the journey of devotion and self-discovery using Nizami’s prose. We are excited to have been selected, and cannot wait to share it with the audience!

Leyla & Majnun
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