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Haringey Forest Launch by MTO Sustainability London, April 1st 2021

To start living sustainably one must begin at home! At MTO Shahmaghsoudi London Centre we began the start of our spring with the launch of a new initiative “Haringey Forest”, delivering free tree whips to our local community. This event was possible with collaboration from Transition Network and Woodland Trust’s kind donations. Discussions around sustainability and climate action within our community was refreshing and inspiring. The environmental efforts at MTO is set to achieve the global goals in accordance to the United nations SDGs.

18. July 2023

Eco Fair 2023

It has been a great privilege to participate in the Highgate Festival’s Eco Fair in London. The day was spent…

21. March 2023

Norouz at London Centre 2023

For the occasion of Norouz, M.T.O. Sustainability volunteers handed out cotton totes and local wildflower seeds to MTO attendees. Wildflowers…

27. November 2022

Highgate Woods Clean Up

On 27th November 2022, M.T.O. London took the initiative to work alongside TCV volunteers to carry out a clean-up to…

5. June 2022

World Environment Day 2022

In celebration of World Environment Day, M.T.O. London Centre has launched the start of the new journey into cultivating an…

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