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Our global Activities

KiTa Grüner Weg

Our first Kindergarten in Düsseldorf, germany.

Sufi Youth Conference

The Kids are our future. We teach them with academics from global institutions who are experts in their fields.


Weekly Live-Webcast.

Sufi Centers

There are Sufi Centers all around the world. If you are looking to meet a SuFi, please try to find the nearest place here.

Sufi Psychology

Health & Science

Sufi Publications

Health & Science
We are proud to offer some of the best kept secrets in the publishing world. Books and Poems written by the Greatest Sufi Masters of the current era.

Persian School

Arts & Literature

MTO Germany KdöR

Worldwide - MTO Germany is a cooperation under cooperate law. Please see the german website for further information about the activities in germany.

MTO France

FR - Activités et rencontres autour du soufisme - association loi 1901


Worldwide - MTO Sufi Society® is an affiliation of MTO Shahmaghsoudi® School of Islamic Sufism®. We are a group of young adults, who study or work in various fields including; science, business, media and humanities.


USA - The M.T.O. Sufi Association® is an organization consisting of students and young professionals throughout the USA who seek to discover the ultimate reality of religion and God through discovery of one's true self.

Articles on Sufism


American Friends of Sufi Arts, Culture and Knowledge

Arts & Literature
The American Friends of Sufi Arts, Culture and Knowledge (AFSACK)

Canadian Friends of Sufi Arts, Culture and Knowledge

Arts & Literature
The Canadian Friends of Sufi Arts, Culture and Knowledge     is a not-for-profit organization and CRA designated charity committed to increasing the public's knowledge and appreciation of Sufi history, art and culture. 

Support & Charity

We are supporting hospitals, care homes, local communities and people in need during hard times.


We are 100% committed to the future sustainability and prosperity of our planet.


We are muslim. We are Sufi. This is how we interpretate our religion.

The Holy Quran

Peace and balance govern the entirety of Existence, from particles to galaxies, from a human being to human societies. Do they not look at the sky above them?


Education - The Tamarkoz method is one of the Practical Aspects of Sufism® about self-knowledge through concentration and meditation.

Zendeh Delan

Arts & Literature - Young students keep the traditions of Sufi Music alive.
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