M.T.O. Kids Day Celebrating Norouz

March 4, 2017 M.T.O. Shahmaghsoudi® Los Angeles Center Los Angeles, California

On March 4, 2017, M.T.O Shahmaghsoudi® Los Angeles hosted a Norouz kids event celebrating the Persian New Year. The kids enjoyed a day full of activities such as making a sofreh haftseen, coloring eggs, Persian dancing, singing songs, and zikr. Making the sofreh haftseen was very special for the kids as they had the opportunity to go to different tables that had the various haftseen items on them and pick each piece accompanied with an explanation of its spiritual significance. Further, they had a chance to lay out their own sabzeh by placing the wheat out and watering it. Now they have the opportunity to watch it grow in time for the New Year. They also experienced various zikrs, including one about "Eid." The kids really enjoyed themselves and left with some gifts and a real goldfish for their sofreh haftseen!