M.T.O. Vancouver Supports Community Members in Need

December 15, 2019 Oppenheimer Park Vancouver, Canada

On December 15, 2019, members of M.T.O. Shahmaghsoudi® School of Islamic Sufism® Vancouver centre held an event in Downtown Vancouver East side's Oppenheimer Park, a site of homeless encampment, in order to be active members in the community and support individuals in need. Fifty individual bags with winter kits were prepared by the volunteers and distributed to the less fortunate. With the weather getting colder and the increased precipitation of the winter season, the contents of the packages were tailored to help keep the recipients warm. The kits included supplies such as thermal socks, toques, gloves, hand warmers, heat reflecting blankets, ponchos, protein bars, and bananas. The students of M.T.O. were well received by this community, as many recipients of the kits expressed their gratitude for coming out, and voiced how useful they think the kits and supplies are for the upcoming winter.