Tamarkoz® Workshop at Hillside Community Church

September 1, 2019 Hillside Community Church El Cerrito, California

The M.T.O Shahmaghsoudi​®​ Berkeley Center hosted a Tamarkoz​®​ and Movazeneh​®​ workshop on September 1st, 2019. Approximately thirty-five attendees, consisting of local community members, gathered at Hillside Community Church in El Cerrito, CA. Following a brief introduction to Sufism, participants engaged in the practice of Tamarkoz, or Sufi meditation and concentration. Attendees were then guided through the Sufi art of Movazeneh. In the pursuit of achieving equilibrium in the body, throughout the seminar, a variation of meditative movements were introduced. Through the concentration of energies, attendees were able to revitalize and cultivate tranquility and balance. After the close of the workshop, attendees dialogued and connected about self-knowledge.